Calgary born and raised acapella anthem singer who loves to sing an write about life stories  to share with the world.  Raising money  with barrel racing and music festivities.

Kim Thompson is a fun, energetic, and multitalented artist born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. A new, singer-songwriter faces on the Canadian country music scene; but she is also an actress, a horse trainer and author. Kim’s fun-loving personality is mirrored in her upbeat music.  Triple threat country pop horse trainer, barrel racing cowgirl. Kim is an ACMA 2019 top 10 Female Artist of the Year nominee. YCC Song of the Year finalist.  The third single with video filmed by a Netflix cameraman.  2019 NMC Tour Alberta showcase at the NMC, performing at Lyons Club and finalist for their Olds radio contest.  Influenced by Dolly Parton, Crystal Gayle, Loretta Lynn, Taylor Swift, Georgia Florida Line and Justin Beiber.  Kim trains with Tamara Beatty from “The Voice”.  Touring radio stations in Canada, China and Australia.  The second single, “Thinkin Bout” 2019 was quickly picked up by Sirius radio and CBC.  Game of Love” 2018 the first release, both accompanied by Youtube unique western pop video productions. Freeway Film winner finalist for video “Thinkin Bout”.  Kim has worked on commercials, TV and Netflix series such as: Fortunate Sons, Hearltland, Broke Back Mountain, Tin Star and Disney.  Calgary Society of Film member and volunteer for CSIF in hopes to film her novel in a musical series.  Besides acting she stunt rides for film and has been seen wrangling horses on set. Supporter of rodeo and the

Cowgirl, Kim sings the anthem while riding her horse at the Calgary Canadian High River Pro Rodeo and Cochrane Pro Rodeo Grounds.  She is an anthem singer for JHL hockey games at the Maxbell Arena and Old’s Grizzly’s and Okotoks Oilers.  Performances at Calgary Stampede, Waves, Kings Head, Bragg Creek Powder Horn, and Daines Picnic annual show.  Alberta Music Fest showcase, music production and fundraising since 2017 hosting barrel race events for Ronald McDonald House.

CCMA/MTV volunteer wrangling winners Washboard Union, Old Dominion and stand in red-carpet for ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickie. Kim volunteers at the NMC for events such as Teri Clark and the NMC tv commercial. Supportive appearances at concerts such Clayton Bellamy and Gord Bamford.  Winner of Socan travel grant, accepted into the Canadian Incubator Program in Toronto.  In the future, Kim has goals to sing in the USA again, European touring and anthem singing aspirations for NFR, CFR, NFL, NHL and the CFL.  Kim want to pursue making future productions to value horses and music.

Combined with her fun-loving passion for sharing music will be the catalyst in propelling her through her music journey; enabling her to make many friends and fans along the way.  Recording with MCC Studios Dave Temple and Johnny Gasparic.  Find Kim  on iTunes, Spotify and all listening platforms; and by request, on your local radio station!